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Ryobi/T51/AB Dick Parts Inventory Liquidation Sale

Tom Jonas will be retiring in 2020 and will be liquidating all remaining repair parts after 40 years of servicing Ryobi, Itek, T51, and AB Dick printing equipment.

Ryobi and T51 parts are new OEM parts plus an assortment of name-brand ball bearings. The parts for AB Dick presses (360, 9800) are a mixture of OEM and aftermarket parts.

Equipment Applications

Ryobi: 2800, 3200, 3302
Itek/AB Dick: 960, 975, 985, 3985, 9985, 360, 9800
T51: Standard, Swing-Away and S-1 models for Ryobi presses

Total inventory is valued at almost $9,000 wholesale. Now available in its entirety for $3,000 or make an offer. Will sell all or part.

Call or Text: 602-818-6850

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